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Aurora Lock & Key is a household name amongst the residents of Aurora for their safe locksmith requirements and emergencies. We have been serving the neighbourhoods of Aurora since last 27 years with the same passion for perfection and quality in our services. We provide 24-hour emergency support for all your lost keys, forgotten safe combinations, safe opening, safe installation and other emergencies. No matter which part of city you might be calling from, we promise to reach your location within the next thirty minutes of your call. All our emergency mobile vans carry all the latest tools and techniques that we might require in unlocking you’re locked out safes. Give us a call on 303-951-4886 to know more about our services. We are just a phone call away from reaching you.

We started our journey 27 years back as a small locksmith firm that manufactured locks and safes based on the local demands. With our passion for the locksmith craft and our love for safes, today Aurora Lock & Key is amongst the top manufacturing brands in entire Aurora territory. You can choose from our wide variety of locks and safes. We believe in quality and take it more of our responsibility to provide our customers best of products and services. We are available for your rescue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Give us a call on 303-951-4886 next time you are looking for a safe locksmith who can help you make your valuables safer.

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If you missed out on servicing your safe due to your procrastinating habit, there are 99% chances of your safe not letting you unlock it next time you try and unlock. We advice our customers to get their safes services every 6 months to avoid any type of safe locksmith emergencies. Apart from providing safe servicing services, we also provide safe locksmith Aurora services. Having been to safe locksmith business for last 27 years, we know all type of safes and their locks. We can unlock any type of safe locks without leaving a single dent on the safe. If you are having a hard time selecting best suitable safe for your commercial or residential premises, call us on 303-951-4886, we will make sure you get the right safe for your usage!

You don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your loved ones as long as you have Aurora Lock & Key experts at your rescue. All our experts are certified professionals who have been serving the locksmith field for more than 10 years. They are the best talent you may find in entire Bethesda. You can rest safe about the safety of your valuables and safe as long as you have our experts working for u.

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